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Everything we do will become a memory. Some of these memories probably won’t consist of things we actually remember or care about–I’m not going to look back on, or care, about every time I spent cleaning my room–but every picture taken, every moment written about, will be something we look at or read and say, “I remember that!” Unless we contract Alzheimer’s, in which case, forget it.

Just today, actually, I was looking through photos on the computer. The original point of doing this was to find nice shots of my siblings and me so my mother could pick the ones she liked best to frame: obviously I got sidetracked, and would look at particularly dashing photos of myself or click on photos of my friends. As I looked at the pictures of my friends, I remembered the moment that I snapped it and what had happened then. The Harry Potter Marathon, which turned out to not really be a marathon, shows pictures of my friends looking both very happy and very tired. I smile looking at an ‘action shot’ of my friend as she’s laughing, remembering how late it was and how excited everyone had gotten when I asked if they wanted ice cream. Other pictures show me another night when I had had a party, and I immediately think of the laughs, the music, the ping pong playing, the throwing darts at the ceiling, and the general happy mood among us. Other pics bring me to a summer day when I met someone important to me, and other nights that remind me of how hard I was laughing.

All of these pictures put a smile on my face, and make me feel a little nostalgic. I think of how much life seems to have changed–at the time, I didn’t know just how important the pictures taken would be. Now, I’m so thankful that I took them. Friends will sometimes tease me when I constantly say, “Ok, picture!” But I know that these photographs will mean so much to all of us, if only a few months later. The moment that the picture was taken will be gone forever: but the picture will keep the memory with you forever.

“All I’ve got are these photographs.” ~Photographs, Rihanna.


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Sixteen Doesn’t Mean A Party Love

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