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I’m going to start this post with a cliche statement: Time is a valuable thing. We’ve all heard that phrase many times…usually from our parents and usually when we are doing something that they think is a ‘waste of time.’ Sometimes they’re right, sometimes it’s just an excuse for them to get you to wash their car. Whatever you think when someone tells you, “Time is a valuable thing”, is your business. But I have come to realize the truth in it.

Three years ago, I thought being sixteen was ages away. I thought getting my license was even farther away, as was working, college, a boyfriend, and getting married. The last two are likely to be a few years away yet. But the others? Two are already accomplished, and the other happens in a year and a half. While I’m still waiting impatiently to turn eighteen (for reasons I won’t bother going into), I also reflect on how quickly time has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was an awkward thirteen year old looking for that best friend. And yet, when I’m waiting for something, time goes by slowly, until the thing I’m waiting for happens.

Sometimes I’ll pause for a minute and think about where I am in life. About living and daily happenings. I think how strange it is just being alive and being on this thing called ‘Earth.’ When you think about it, time itself is weird. We call now the present but the present is already the past. When I wake up in the morning I think about how the long the day will be if I’m staying home all day. But by four in the afternoon, I’m surprised by how late it is. By 11:00, I think about what I did that day: And if it was a fairly unproductive day, then I feel a little guilty. I suddenly think, “Why didn’t I do this in place of that?! I’ll do better tomorrow. There’s always another day.” But before I know it, a week, a month, two months, have passed. And what has changed?

Let me ask you this: Each day, are you doing something beneficial to yourself? Are you doing something even good? Are you learning something new or accomplishing something you’ve been putting off, like looking up colleges? Having any idea about your future and moving slowly towards that goal? I don’t care how much fun video games are: Time is a valuable thing. Don’t waste it by blowing things up. So, without further ado, I’m getting off the computer.


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Summer Plans

How is it that it’s March and I’m already writing a post about summer? God moves in strange ways, because 80 degree weather this early is ridiculous. But I’m not complaining: It means that I can start both attempting an early tan, and daydreaming about what my junior year of summer will be like. After all, these are where the memories begin. ;)

What do you first think of when you hear the word, “Summer”? For me, an image of swimming, boys, and ultimate frisbee pops up. I smell sunblock (a necessity for me, if I don’t want to look like a lobster), sunlight, and I feel the warm sand covering my feet. I think of the aftereffects of swimming and lying in the sun all day: Tiredness, mainly, that may result in a lack of patience. I know the routine I have after coming home from a long day out in the sun. Summer evenings with friends are even more fun; there’s a certain excitement that comes with a warm, summer night. Maybe it’s the fact that by 8:00 it’s still light out. Or maybe because instead of bundling up in parkas and going outside to chill (literally), you can just grab a sweatshirt and be out the door. Perhaps there is more excitement in seeing a friend’s car pull up? Or simply the very act of driving with the top down while you blast music.

Summer is the chance to do things you might not normally do. It’s a time for on-the-fly plans, bending the rules, and late curfews. For laughing, flirting, and dancing. For parties, for stories to tell your grandchildren, and for pulling the car over to the side of the road with your friends because the brakes weren’t working and smoke was coming out the back. That actually did happen, only it was in the fall.

Point is, summer should be a time of carefree, no drama, excitement! Each summer should be one that’s unique and totally memorable, with certain things that happened that will stick with you forever. Please do not end up unhappy with your summer, or realize that the most exciting thing you did was climb a tree: Unless this is the summer that you learn how to climb a tree and you spend your three months climbing every one in sight. This summer I will be seventeen–and taking full advantage of that. ;)

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How The Seasons Affect Our Moods

There’s something about the weather changing that plays with our moods. A horrible mood can either be fixed or worsened, depending on what the thermometer says. You could almost say the weather is like a friend or enemy. Sometimes it will cheer you up when you need it; or it will only continue to rub you the wrong way.

I’ve always been aware of this fact. For example: I wake on a Monday morning to my mother saying, “Get up, lazy loafer, it’s past 8:00, your peers have been in school for half an hour now.” I think of the prospect of starting school, and Saturday being five long days away. I then look out my window to see, not sunshine, but a cloudy, drizzly gloom. That will most likely last all day. For the rest of my life. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Point is, my attitude is sour until 3:00 when I can escape to my room, and the weather did nothing to prevent that. Sorry everyone, but you’ll just have to deal with snappy replies. And if you’re really nice, you might get an entire hysterical breakdown. Lucky you!

However, this Monday morning was different. The previous day had been a lovely way to end the weekend. I woke up at 6:30 to birds chirping, and looked out my window to gaze at the fiery red sun. Normally, during the summer, if I hear a bird squawking “Phoeeeebeeeee!!” at that un-Godly time, I lower my blinds to prevent the sun from poking me in the eye, cover my head with a pillow, and, in between swearing at the bird, mentally wish I had a few rocks to throw at it. But this morning, I didn’t wish that. It had been so long since I’d heard the birds at all, or seen the sun come up, that I felt only contentment. I had a feeling that today would go well: And it has, so far.

Our outlooks on life seem to change with the weather, as well. A couple of months ago, my friend was so depressed it scared me a little, and our mottos were, in cleaner terms, “Life sucks. I hate guys. And people. And everything. What’s my purpose in life right now? I wish we could all just die because what’s the point of even being alive..” Once again, that last part may be a slight exaggeration. But we were not happy at all. Although these attitudes might have been a little different had certain things not come about, the weather made it even worse. Now? My friend is happier, and my motto is, “Life is good. For now.”

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Yes, it’s time for that post. I feel the need to really get my feelings out (in an unemotional way, of course), about the dreaded ‘L’ word. I knew I would be writing about this topic but now seems the best time, as I think I have more of an idea of where I’ll go with the subject.

The first thing to ask is, what is love? A feeling or a choice? Or both? Here’s my theory: Some people (from here on I will be assuming the person is a guy, though it can go both ways) may, how shall I put this? Make you feel so many different emotions at one time that you would really like to kill him? Yes, I think that’s it. Yet, somehow, you choose to continue to surround yourself with that person. No matter what that person has done to you, or made you feel. You keep thinking, “Maybe he’ll change. If I can just deal with his mood swings or his flaky answers or his constant making me feel happy one minute and depressed the next, then he’ll realize I’m really serious about this. If he would stop giving me that constant, ‘but’ reply, then everything will work out.” Keep hoping. There is always a chance.

The above is an example of what some may think is not love. And perhaps these people are right. But it’s an example of how, no matter what that person does, (short of murder), you choose to love him. You can’t help it, and more likely than not, the guy isn’t even going to realize what you’re going through. Though, I must say, if he does realize it, and continues to hurt you, you should probably be keeping your options open. :-P

But then, there is the other side to love: The feeling part. How is one supposed to really know what love feels like? There is obviously a difference between love and lust, but how are we to know what that difference is? Too many girls in the world will say, “I’m in love.” But when you ask the girl how long she and her boyfriend have been going out, and she replies, “Two weeks,” your instinct tells you that what she’s feeling isn’t love.

This is my belief: Love is a choice. But the feeling that comes with making that choice, is love. Does that make sense? Love is being able to accept a person completely, faults and all. Their whole character. Never trying to change them, just accepting them. And loving them no matter how many times they mess up. When you make that choice, I believe that what is felt after making that choice, is love. So you see, love is a feeling and a choice–but the choice will come first. I am definitely not saying that if you have chosen to stay in an abusive relationship, then that’s a good thing and you must be in love. Love isn’t about putting up with physical or verbal abuse from your boyfriend. That’s what makes love so special: It’s the complete opposite of anything bad or harmful. The guy who shoves you around doesn’t love you–the guy who treats you with respect, does.

So, maybe you have a better idea about what love is. This post shouldn’t make you more afraid to say “I love you” for fear of not meaning it, but only to help you think twice before saying those words. It’s ok to be a little confused about what you’re feeling–who doesn’t? But if you can honestly say to yourself, “I accept this person for everything he is” then say the words. When the impulse to say “I love you” comes, think carefully. Then act: Because, for all you know, that person won’t be around the next day.

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