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Hiking, And All Its Glamour

There are two sides to hiking: The dream idea of hiking, and the reality of it. Unfortunately, when I went hiking with a few friends yesterday, I was prepared for the dream aspect of it. That is, straight path walking, but at the same time getting enough of a workout to make me not feel so guilty watching Dancing With The Stars for two hours. I was not thinking of the ticks, the extreme shortness of breath, the heat, or the slippery leaves that make going down a hill an interesting experience.

So yesterday, around 2:00 in the afternoon, Shayla, Jatone, Reahn, and I, started walking. The first bit was fine–that was the walking on the flat pavement on the way to the actual trail. Once we started climbing however, I began thinking this wasn’t such a bright idea on my part. The sun was beaming down, as if it were determined to fry us into oblivion, and after about ten minutes, I was already sweating and trying desperately not to show that I couldn’t breathe (a difficult task). As soon as the ground appeared to level out, and I began to hope that the hike was nearing a close, another hill rose up before us, each one harder to climb than the last. Fortunately, for some reason only people who like exercise would understand, Reahn likes to feel his legs burning from the effort of hiking, and I was able to get a piggy-back ride up one of the hills. After that however, I was virtually on my own to face even more ‘outdoor fun.’

When we took our first brief stop, everyone began checking for ticks. Shayla and I had a few on our pants, but Reahn and Jatone were finding them everywhere. Had I not been dying from lack of oxygen, I would’ve laughed even harder than I was. Even so, what breath I had left was being used to laugh at two teenage boys who were yelling every time they found a tick on them. After each break that we took, they proceeded to strip and check each other, while Shayla and I calmly plucked the ticks off, and teased them about how ticks prefer dark skinned people.

The next hills we began to walk up seemed more like mini mountains. There was no clear path, so Shayla led the way with Jatone following closely, Reahn jumping energetically from rock to rock, and me, staggering haphazardly into branches and trying my hardest not to slip on a rock or sprain my ankle. The promise to myself to not show how out of breath I was, was broken. Any response you got from me was a ragged sounding laugh, that sounded more like your typical wheezy old person, than a supposedly fit sixteen year old. I began to think, “All this for a stupid view at the top?!” and kept telling myself that the hike would be all over after we climbed the next hill…and the next…and the next…

At last, we were at the top! And the view really was pretty cool. A constant breeze swept over all of us, cooling down our flushed and sweaty selves, and after sitting on a rock for awhile, I felt much better. Coming back down the mountain was a lot easier, and I began to feel a twinge of contentment: My reason to exercise was not to lose weight–if I did, you’d probably be able to see through me–but because I know that it will benefit me in the long run. Suddenly, everything I did felt better, just from hiking. And even though I woke up this morning sore, it was a good feeling. And given the opportunity, I would do it all over again.



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Is there anything actually wrong with flirting? And why is it that girls are allowed to, and not boys? Well, here are the answers coming from both a semi-flirt and a ‘sensitive to every move you make’, girl.

1. First of all, do not tell me that you have never flirted. Because I know you have, whoever you are. Everyone flirts, whether they realize it or not, and everyone flirts in one way or another: Whether it’s complimenting, getting their attention with hugs and playful punches, showing off, laughing at everything they say, or just spending most of your time with that person. Ok, now that we’ve established that you have flirted, I’ll move on.

2. There’s nothing wrong with flirting: But there is a time and a place for it. And in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend isn’t it, as it is neither sensitive, nor smart. ┬áNeither is flirting when your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t around. But as the likely hood of the latter never happening is small, we’ll just talk about the first one. ┬áSo, if you’re wondering if flirting is ok, then yes, it is. Flirting can get you the guy or girl in the first place, and why not have a little fun.

3. Girls are insecure, we know how guys can get carried away, and we also know what lurks behind the mind of every female who bats her eyes at our man. Honestly, we’re a pretty scary sight when jealousy and insecurity mix, and when our overprotective mode switches to ‘full blast.’ We are likely to win any fight against the girl who smiles and winks at our lover, because of all the adrenaline pumping through us. Guys, on the other hand, seem to lack the insecure gene. Oh sure, there are probably a lot of guys who get insecure. But they are less likely to freak out about their girlfriend flirting with another guy: Rather, they shrug it off, giving the appearance of a calm gentleman who has full confidence in his girl. Girls can give this appearance but it’s likely to affect their mood.

4. I haven’t been able to really find any reason for why girls are allowed to flirt when they are in a relationship, and why guys can’t. I’m biased of course, but I also have to be fair: The only explanation for why we girls say that guys cannot flirt is because we’re too insecure. Yes, it is the men’s responsibility to not make us feel that way, but some of our insecurity comes from our taking a small comment and blowing it out of proportion.

Finally, I should admit that I deal almost everyday with tweaks of envy or insecurity. I am a, “Say one thing to that girl over there, and I will immediately watch you like a hawk”, girl. There’s nothing wrong with being a little protective of your man…but I have the feeling that all of us could use a little confidence. Now when I hear a certain someone hanging out with a few friends who happen to be ladies, I try to push any jealous thoughts aside, and proceed with my life. It makes things a whole lot easier, in the end. And to the guys out there: Kindly don’t give us any reason to be jealous.

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