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Growing Up in the Country

Growing up in the country, rather than a big city, has been a great blessing-once I hit the teenage years, I began to long for a different and bigger town, but I am still thankful for having grown up where I am.

Living in a large house in the middle of rolling fields and many trees has given me an appreciation for nature. Although I am not one for exercise, I love taking pleasant walks amidst the tall grass and down the paths to the pond or graveyard. Because I live in the middle of nowhere, I learned to entertain myself at times. I would pretend I was an orphan child lost in the woods, and for years I would go up to my room and make up stories for my dolls and stuffed animals.

Had I grown up in a congested city, I would not have been able to have acorn wars with my brothers, go for rides in the tractor bucket, or play in a two-floor tree house. Although I rarely, if ever, do those things anymore, I am so grateful for those memories that I acquired. Thanks, Mum and Dad.


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